CBSE Class 12 Humanities (Arts)

Humanities or Arts as the stream is popularly known, offers students a host of opportunities in various fields like mass communication, counselling, and teaching.

The main subjects opted by most CBSE class 12 Humanities or Arts students are History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Geography, Psychology.

CBSE Class 12 Arts/Humanities Subjects

Other subjects that can be included in the Humanities/ Arts stream are Home Science, Fine Arts, Fashion Studies, Creative Writing and Philosophy. Every CBSE school has the right to pick subjects to offer in the Arts stream as long as it follows the basic scheme of studies:

  • I & II: Two Languages (Core/Elective) out of:
Hindi Sanskrit
English Arabic
Assamese Persian
Bengali Limboo
Gujarati Lepcha
Kashmiri Bhutia
Kannada Mizo
Marathi Tangkhul
Malayalam Bodo
Manipuri Nepali
Oriya Tibetan
Punjabi French
Sindhi German
Tamil Portugese
Telugu Russian
Urdu Spanish
  • III, IV, V: Three Electives – Specific humanities subjects
  • VI: General Studies
  • VII: Work Experience
  • VIII: Physical and Health Education

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Humanities (Arts) Stream