CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English with Solutions

Solved CBSE English Sample Papers for Class 10 with Solutions 2022-2023: Solving Pre Board CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English with Solutions Answers 2022-2023 Pdf Download to understand the pattern of questions asked in the board exam. Know about the important concepts to be prepared for CBSE Class 10 English board exam and Score More marks. Here we have given the CBSE Sample Paper of English Class 10th with Solutions. According to the new CBSE Exam Pattern, MCQ Questions for Class 10 English Carry 20 Marks.

Board – Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Subject – CBSE Class 10 English
Year of Examination – 2022-2023

CBSE English Sample Papers Class 10 | English Sample Papers for Class 10 with Solutions 2022

English Sample Paper Class 10 Question Paper Design 2022-23

Section 1 Mark Question 3 Mark Questions 5 Mark Questions 6 Mark Questions Total Marks

Discursive Passage

10Q 10 marks
Case-based Factual passage 10Q 10 marks
B Grammar 10Q (out of 12) 10 marks

Analytical Paragraph

1Q 10 marks
Formal Letter 1Q
D First Flight (Poetry) 4Q (out of 5) 1 poem-based Q* (1 out of 2) 5Q each 1Q (out of 2) 23 marks
First Flight (Prose)

1 passage-based Q* (1 out of 2) 5Q each

17 marks
Footprints Without Feet

2Q (out of 3)

1Q (out of 2)

Total 30Q 6Q 4Q 2Q 80 marks

Note: Students have an internal choice to attempt an extract-based question from First Flight or Footprints Without Feet in these Reference to Context (RTC) questions.

CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus for 2022-2023 Exams

Section Topics Marks
A Reading Skills Discursive Passage 20
Case-based Passage
B Grammar Tenses, Modals, Subject-Verb Concord, Reported Speech, Commands and Requests, Statements, Questions, Determiners 10

Creative Writing Skills

Formal Letter 10
Analytical Paragraph
C Literature (First Flight + Footprints Without Feet) Reference to the Context 40
Short & Long Answers
Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills (ALS) Activities + Listening and Speaking Competencies 20
Total 80 + 20


Section Deleted Chapters/Topics
B Grammar
  • Use of Passive Voice
  • Clauses: Noun, Adverb Clauses of condition and time, Relative Clauses
  • Prepositions
C First Flight (Prose) The Hundred Dress-I
The Hundred Dress-II
First Flight (Poetry) Animals
Footprints Without Feet The Hack Driver

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