CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 SA2 Science Solved 2016 Set 12

                                                        SECTION – A
1.State the postulate of Dalton’s atomic theory which indicates the law of constant proportions.

2.Where are the electrons and protons located in an atom ?

3.Who proposed the five kingdom classification of living organisms ?

4.Ocean waves travel with a speed of 15 ms-1. Find the wavelength of waves if their time period is 0.01 sec. Also find the distance between a crest and the adjoining trough.

5.A moving car weighing 1200 kg is stopped by applying brakes which produce negative acceleration of 9 ms-2 and it covers 50 metres before coming to rest. Calculate the amount and type of work done after application of brakes.

6.(a)Compare relative molar mass and relative formula unit mass.
(b)Calculate the molar mass of HN03 and compare it with its formula unit mass.
(Atomic mass H =1 u, N =14 u, O =16 u)

7.(a)Write the number of valence electrons in :
(i) Na atom and ion (ii) O atom and ion
(b)An element ‘E’ loses to form ion. What will be the chemical formula of the compound formed between E and oxygen ?

8.(a)Why chemical properties of all the isotopes of an element are same ?
(b)Name the isotopes used in the treatment of Goitre and Cancer.
(c)An element ‘X’ has 2 electrons in its M shell. What is its atomic number ?

9.Mention any three important features of phylum Echinodermata.

10.Differentiate between infectious and non-infectious diseases (any three differences).

11.(a)State the method of transmission of each of the following diseases :
(i) Cholera                                             (ii) AIDS
(iii) Malaria                                               (iv) Pneumonia
(b)Name the disease a person will get if the pathogen targets the liver of a person.

12.Calculate the kinetic energy of a car of mass 500 kg moving with a velocity of 36 kmhr1. Find the kinetic energy if the velocity of the car becomes half.

13.(a)If atmospheric pressure is 1.01 x 105Pa, then how much force does the air in a room exert on the inside of a window pane which is 50 cm x 100 cm?
(b)Mention any two factors affecting the buoyant force.

14.What is an ultrasound scanner ? Write its one application.

15.(a)Define relative density.
(b)Find the relative density of mercury if its density is 13.6 x 103 kgm-3. .

16.Kumar and Gunwant were waiting to go across a railway crossing. Kumar jumped over the barrier and curiously put his ear on the railway track. Gunwant opposed Kumar and pulled him away from the railway track.
(a) Why did Kumar put his ear on the railway track ?
(b) In which of the following mediums the sound travels faster:
(i) Copper                                                (ii) Water
(c)Why did Gunwant pull Kumar away from the railway track ?

17.(a) A sample of vitamin C is known to contain 2.58x oxygen atoms. How many moles of oxygen atoms are present in the sample ?
(b) Write one word for the following :
(i) In a balanced chemical equation, the sum of the masses of reactants and products remains unchanged.
(ii) A group of atoms carrying a fixed charge on them.
(c) Write chemical formulae of the following compounds :
(i) Sodium phosphate                           (ii) Ammonium carbonate

18.Schematically represent the various levels in the hierarchy of classification. Identify the basic unit of classification and define it.

19.Explain the following statements :
(a)Being disease free, is not the same as being healthy.
(b)Community health is essential for good individual health.
(c)Villagers suffer with cholera more than urban people.

20.(a)Define power. Give its unit.
(b)A moving body of mass 20 kg has 40 Joules of kinetic energy. Calculate its speed.
(c)A person carrying a load of 20 kg climbs 4 m in 10 seconds. Calulate the work done and his power, (g = 10 ms’2)

21.(a)Differentiate between thrust and pressure. List two points.
(b)What is meant by 1 pascal and 1 newton ?
(c)How will the pressure change if the thrust of an object becomes half ?

                                                            SECTION – B
Q.22. – Q.24. OTBA Questions of 10 marks.

                                                          SECTION – C
25. Reflection of sound obeys the law :
CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 SA2 Science Solved 2016 Set 12-1

26. In an experiment Sudhir took a solid iron cuboid having mass 5 kg and dimensions 30 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm. He kept the cuboid on the table. The force and the pressure exerted by this cuboid on the table top if it lies with its face of dimensions 20 cm x 10 cm respectively would be :
(a)4.9 N and 2.45 Nm2-
(b) 49 N and 2450 Nm2-
(c) 0.49 N and 0.245 Nm2-
(d) 490 N and 24.50 Nm2-

27. Students in a class were asked to produce transverse waves. They will do so by :
(i) dropping a pebble in calm water.
(ii) moving stretched slinky at right angle to the length of slinky.
(iii) compressing the free end of the slinky.
(iv) striking the tuning fork with a hard rubber pad.
The correct method/methods are :
(a)(iii) and (iv)  (b) (i) and (ii)
(c) only (iv)                                      (d) only (i)

28. A student identified a specimen as mushroom. The basis on which he has identified this is :
(a)umbrella shaped with chlorophyll.
(b)umbrella shaped without chlorophyll.
(c)it has root, stem and leaf. id) it has capsule at its tip.

29. Adding of BaCI2(aq) to Na2S04(aq) should be done :
(a)slowly without stirring (b) slowly with constant stirring (c) fast without stirring (d) very fast with constant stirring

30. According to the law of conservation of mass:
(a)Mass of reactants = Mass of products
(b)Volume of reactants = Volume of products
(c)Molecules of reactants = Molecules of products id) Moles of reactants = Moles of products

31. Which of the following is correct observation about the seeds and flowers of gram plants ?
(a)Monocotyledonous seeds and trimerous flowers.
(b)Monocotyledonous seeds and pentamerous flowers.
(c)Dicotyledonous seeds and trimerous flowers.
(d) Dicotyledonous seeds and pentamerous flowers.

32. Which of the following plants bears roots as shown in the figure below ?
CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 SA2 Science Solved 2016 Set 12-2

33. Having studied the mouth parts of a mosquito, a student concluded that it is adapted for:
(a)piercing the bones of animals.
(b) piercing the skin of animals.
(c)piercing the skull of animals.
(d)piercing the shell of a seed.

34. Draw a diagram of graduated cylinder of range of 0-100 mL.

35. What is meant by relative density of a material ? Give its SI units.

36. (a) Why the body of bony fish is streamlined?
(b)List two habitats of bony fish.

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