Solving ICSE Class 10 Commercial Applications Previous Year Question Papers ICSE Class 10 Commercial Applications Question Paper 2022 Semester 2 is the best way to boost your preparation for the board exams.

ICSE Class 10 Commercial Applications Question Paper 2022 Solved Semester 2

Maximum Marks: 50
Time allowed: One and a Half hour

General Instructions :

  • Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.
  • You will not be allowed to write during the first 10 minutes.
  • This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.
  • The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.
  • Attempt all questions from Section-A and any four questions from Section-B.
  • The marks intended Jbr questions are given in brackets [  ].

Section – A
(Attempt all questions)

Question 1.
Choose the correct answers to the questions from the given options. (Do not copy the question. Write the correct answer only.) [10]
(i) ………………… shows the financial position of the organization.
(a) Trial Balance
(b) Profit and Loss account
(c) Balance Sheet
(d) Income and Expenditure account
(c) Balance Sheet

(ii) Human Resource Management is a ………………… oriented function.
(a) Job
(b) People
(c) Money
(d) Profit
(b) People

ICSE 2022 Commercial Applications Question Paper Solved Semester 2 for Class 10

(iii) …………………. is a Banker s Bank.
(a) Commercial Bank
(b) Agricultural Bank
(c) Exchange Bank
(d) Central Bank
(d) Central Bank

(iv) ……………….. function ensures that the policies, procedures and actions of the organization are in public interest.
(a) Financial Management
(b) Public Relations
(c) Skill Development
(d) Performance Appraisal
(b) Public Relations

(v) In this type of account, no cheque book is issued to the account holder:
(a) Fixed Deposit account
(b) Open account
(c) Saving Deposit account
(d) Current account
(a) Fixed Deposit account

ICSE 2022 Commercial Applications Question Paper Solved Semester 2 for Class 10

(vi) …………………. is one of the internal sources of recruitment.
(a) Advertisements
(b) Transfers
(c) Gate hirings
(d) Education institutes
(b) Transfers

(vii) Receipt and Payment account is a ………………….. account.
(a) Real
(b) Nominal
(c) Personal
(d) Trading
(a) Real

(viii) Making consumers aware of their rights and duties is ………………..
(a) Consumer Education
(b) Value Education
(c) Industrial Relation
(d) People Relation
(a) Consumer Education

ICSE 2022 Commercial Applications Question Paper Solved Semester 2 for Class 10

(ix) ……………….. is an elimination process.
(a) Recruitment
(b) Selection
(c) Training
(d) Education
(b) Selection

(x) Asking for cash memo for the item purchased is
(a) Consumer education
(b) Consumer awareness
(c) Consumers’ duty
id) Consumers’requirement
(c) Consumers’duty

Section – B
(Answer any four questions from this Section)

Question 2.
(i) State any one point of difference between Recruitment and Selection. [2]
(ii) Write a short note on Empathy as an element of Public Relations. [2]
(iii) Write in short about any three Consumer Rights. [3]
(iv) Write three uses of‘Receipt and Payment Account’. [3]
(i) Recruitment is basically the process of searching for suitable candidates and giving them an opportunity to apply for the said position. On the other hand, selection refers to the process of choosing the right one for the vacant position in the company.

Recruitment is a positive approach whereas selection is a negative(eliminating) approach.

(ii) Empathy – the ability to understand the feelings of others. It separates exemplary public relations and ordinary communications.
Empathy improves customer loyalty and teamwork.

(iii) (a) Right to safety
(b) Right to be heard
(c) Right to be informed

(iv) (a) To reflect cash and bank transactions in a period.
(b) It can be used in place of income and expenditure statement.
(c) We can ascertain closing balance of cash at the end of year.

ICSE 2022 Commercial Applications Question Paper Solved Semester 2 for Class 10

Question 3.
(i) State any one point of difference between ‘Receipt and Payment Account’ and ‘Income and Expenditure Account’. [2]
(ii) What is Saving Deposit account ? [2]
(iii) Write in brief about any three features of Human Resource Management. [3]
(iv) Write any three ways by which Environmental Values and Ethics can be developed in people. [3]
(i) Receipt and Payment Account is a summary of cash and bank transactions. Income and Expenditure Account is summary of income and expenses for the current year.

(ii) A Savings Deposit account is a bank account in which a customer can deposit his money from his savings and other resources. Bank gives a nominal rate of interest (from 2.75% to 4% per annum). At the time of need, the customer can withdraw money from the cash counter of the bank or from ATM using ATM card.

(iiii) (a) HRM is people-oriented.
(b) It is development-oriented.
(c) It is decision-oriented.

(iv) (a) Developing policies that clearly define programmes in order to save the environment which includes disposal and waste management strategies.
(b) Awareness and education about the importance of ecology and its conservation should be taught to the students.
(c) Suitable training programmes for teachers and parents can be held to enable them to provide value education to young men and women.

ICSE 2022 Commercial Applications Question Paper Solved Semester 2 for Class 10

Question 4.
(i) Justify either for or against by giving a reason for the following statement. ‘Balance Sheet is an account. ’ [2]
(ii) Mention any two natures (characteristics) of Public Relations. [2]
(iii) Write three advantages of opening a bank account. [3]
(iv) Explain the following: [3]
(a) Structured Interview
(b) Group Interview
(c) Stress Interview
(i) A balance sheet is a part of the final accounts. A balance sheet is a statement and not an account. It has no debt or credit sides and as such the words ‘To’ and ‘By’ are not used before the names of the accounts shown therein.

(ii) (a) To secure cooperation of public.
(b) To maintain successful relation with public.
(c) To satisfy different groups of society.

(iii) (a) You can keep your savings safe in a bank account.
(b) You can withdraw the money at cash counter or through debit (ATM) card anytime.
(c) Money deposited in the account, earns a fix interest income on regular intervals.

(iv) (a) A structured interview is a data collection method that relies on asking questions in a set order to collect data on a topics.

(b) Group interview refers to a type of interview where more than two people are involved. A number of candidates are interviewed together at the same time or one candidate is interviewed by different department representatives at the same time.

(c) A stress interview takes place when an interviewer asks uncomfortable questions in to check how a potential employee performs in a stressful situation. This type of interview gives the hiring team an opportunity to judge how a candidate responds to stress, prioritises multiple important tasks or deals with challenging clients.

ICSE 2022 Commercial Applications Question Paper Solved Semester 2 for Class 10

Question 5.
(i) Justify either for or against by giving a reason for the following statement.
‘Internal source is an incomplete source of Recruitment. ’ [2]
(ii) Write any two functions of Human Resource Management. [2]
(iii) State three points of difference between Central Bank and Commercial Bank. [3]
(iv) What is Food Adulteration ? Give any two examples. [3]
(i) Internal source of recruitment limits the choice to a few people and denying hiring of outsiders who may be better qualified and skilled. It creates negative impacts on the employees who are not promoted within the organization.

(ii) (a) One of the most well-known functions of human resource management is recruitment and hiring.
(b) Onboarding and ongoing training and development


Central Bank Commercial Bank
The bank which looks after the monetary system of the country is known as Central Bank. The organization which provides banking services to the public is known as Commercial Bank.
It is a banker to the banks and the Government of the country. It is the banker to the citizens of the nation.
It has powers to print currency notes. No power to print currency notes.

(iv) Food adulteration means adding inferior material to food to increase its weight in order to gain more profits. For example; a tea-leaves packet of one brand, costs ₹ 250 per kg and costs ₹ 400 per kg of another brand. But, if the seller sells the mixture at ₹ 400 per kg.

Mixing both of the tea packets, will cost the seller ₹ 650 for two kilograms i.e. ₹ 325 per kg. In this way, he earns an additional profit of ₹ 75 per kg. Misbranding is also a form of adulteration. Altering the list of ingredients, date of expiry also falls under misbranding.

ICSE 2022 Commercial Applications Question Paper Solved Semester 2 for Class 10

Question 6.
(i) Write about any two Direct Methods of Recruitment. [2]
(ii) Describe Employee Relations as a scope of Public Relations. [2]
(iii) Mention three circumstances under which a bank can refuse payment or dishonor a cheque. [3]
(iv) Mention any three features of a Balance Sheet. [3]
(i) Advertisement, campus recruitment, job fairs are the direct methods of recruitment.

(ii) (a) The foundation of good employee relations are sound personnel policies and implementation of these policies.
(b) Employees are to be allowed to express their opinions about matters affecting their interests.
(c) Information about corporate policies affecting their interest to be given to the employees.

(iii) A cheque can be refused or dishonoured:
(a) When there is any cutting on the cheque.
(b) When amount in words and numbers differ
(c) When the date of cheque is future date.
(d) The date of cheque issued is more than three months.

(iv) (a) A balance sheet consists of transactions recorded under two sides namely, assets and liabilities.
(b) The total of both sides should always be equal.
(c) The balance sheet discloses financial position of the business.

ICSE 2022 Commercial Applications Question Paper Solved Semester 2 for Class 10

Question 7.
Case Study
Urban Company is Asia’s Largest online home service platform. Launched in 2014,Urban Company today operates in India, Australia, Singapore, the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The platform helps customers book reliable and high-quality services-beauty treatments, massages, haircut, home cleaning, handymen, appliance repair, painting, pest control and more-delivery by trained professionals conveniently at home. Urban Company’s vision is to empower millions of professionals worldwide to deliver services at home like never experienced before.

Urban Company provides a platform that allows skilled and experienced professionals to connect with users looking for specific services. All the professionals, though experienced and skilled, undergo intensive training modules before being allowed to list their services on the platform. Once on the platform, Urban Company’s match-making algorithm identifies professionals who are closest to the users’ requirements and available at the requested time and’data.
In reference to the above case, answer the following questions:

(i) What type of Bank account does Urban Company have? Why ? [2]
(ii) Explain how, the professionals are recruited by Urban Company. [2]
(iii) Write about any three External sources of Recruitment. [3]
(iv) What services does the Urban Company offer ? [3]
(i) The Urban Company opens the Savings Bank Account so that the people could save money and earn a nominal interest.

ICSE 2022 Commercial Applications Question Paper Solved Semester 2 for Class 10

(ii) The Urban Company provides an online platform for skilled and experienced persons. They apply to the company offering their skills and services. After getting proper training they are recruited in the company.

(iii) External sources of recruitments are;

  • Internet advertisements
  • Advertisement on their own website
  • Employee referrals

(iv) Home cleaning, appliance repair, pest control.