Before giving you details on How to Multiply Rational Numbers let’s recall how to multiply two fractions. Get to know the step by step procedure involved for Multiplying Rational Numbers. Have a look at the examples taken to illustrate the Rational NUmbers Multiplication. We are sure, by the end of the article, you will better understand the concept and can solve problems on your own.

How to Multiply Rational Numbers?

Let’s dive into the basics and then get into the topic of Multiplication of Rational Numbers. Fractions fundamentals are necessary to learn about Rational Numbers Product. In general, the Product of Two Fractions is a Fraction whose numerator is the Product of Numerators of given Fractions and Denominator is the Product of Denominators of given Fractions.

We can express that Product of Two Given Fractions = Product of their Numerators/Product of their Denominators

The Same Logic is applicable for Rational Numbers therefore

Product of Two Rational Numbers = Product of their Numerators/Product of their Denominators

Let us consider a/b, c/d to be rational numbers then the Product of Rational Numbers a/b*c/d = a*c/b*d.

Solved Examples on Rational Numbers Multiplication

1. Multiply 2/5 and 3/7?


Given Rational Numbers are 2/5 and 3/7

= 2/5*3/7

Multiplying the Numerators and Denominators of Given Rational Numbers

= 2*3/5*7

= 6/35

Therefore, the Product of 2/5 and 3/7 is 6/35.

2. Find the Product of Following Rational Numbers?

(i)-4/5*7/8 (ii)3/4*7/9 (iii)3/2*5/6




= -28/40


= 3*7/4*9

= 21/36


= 3*5/2*6

= 15/12

3. Multiply the Rational Numbers 4/9 and -3/2?


Given Rational Numbers are 4/9 and -3/2

= 4/9*(-3/2)

= 4*(-3)/9*2

= -12/18

4. Multiply Rational Numbers 4/5 and 3?


Given Rational Numbers are 4/5 and 3

= 4/5*3/1

= 12/5