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Scholarship Forms 2022: How to apply for a grant? This is a common issue that arises when you’re looking for a scholarship. In India, thousands of scholarship forms are rejected every year for reasons that are easily avoidable but far too common–failure to fulfill the eligibility criteria, a discrepancy in the details provided, or simply fail to fill in all the required fields. As a result, in the very first stage of the selection process, many applicants are screened out.

A properly filled form of scholarship is, therefore, a primary requirement for an aspirant to have any chance of winning a scholarship. Before starting the application, it is therefore important for all students to know how to apply for a scholarship.

This article will give you a brief description of the key things you should consider when you understand a form of scholarship. You will also get a complete picture of what a scholarship application entails and an overview of how you can apply for digital scholarships via different portals such as the National Scholarship Portal (NSP), the Digital Scholarship and Fee Reimbursement Program of UP State, the OASIS Scholarship Portal, the SJE Scholarship Portal and more.

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Steps of Key Criteria to Consider

Online and offline applications for scholarships require the fulfillment of a variety of conditions. While the application process can differ from scholarship to scholarship, here are a few basic steps you must follow once you complete the scholarship form:

  • Get to Know About the Scholarship: You should know every bit of information about it before filling out any scholarship form. Go carefully through the respective website of the scholarship and make a list of documents and information that you need to apply for.
  • Go through (if provided) the application guidelines at Times: Some scholarship providers offer students to complete application guidelines to ease the application process for them. By following these instructions diligently, the likelihood of mistakes arising in your submission will be greatly reduced.
  • Prepare all Documents
    • Mark sheets and educational qualification certificates
    • Identity proof of family
    • Income certificate
    • Caste admission letter
    • Essay submission
    • Letter of recommendations
    • Photograph of the applicant

Scholarship Form Applying Online Through NSP

Most scholarship providers are inviting students to apply for online scholarships with the advent of technology. While the application process can differ from one stage to the next, the basic online application process requires registration of scholarships, student identification, updating information, downloading documentation, and final submission.

We have tried to cover step-by-step advice in this segment on how to apply for a scholarship through renowned government portals such as NSP, UP scholarship Portal, OASIS Scholarship portal, and more. A one-stop platform for all policy scholarships is the National Scholarship Platform (NSP).

The website, launched by the Indian government, lists a number of scholarships provided by the various government agencies, including the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Ministry of Indigenous Affairs, Ministry of Labor and Education, etc. The website also contains the grants provided by the governments of different states. How do you apply online for these scholarships? Find the answer below:

Step 1 – Authentication of the National Scholarship Portal 

  • All fresh clients will access the National Scholarship Portal home page for authentication.
  • Select the ‘New Login’ icon.
  • A site for’ NSP Registration Rules’ will be accessed.
  • Look slowly through the instructions.
  • To continue, click on ‘Go’.
  • Include all the details required.
  • Click the ‘Register’ button.
  • On your registered mobile number, you can obtain a student user ID and password.

Step 2 – Register with the National Scholarship Portal 

  • Click the register button to start the request for a scholarship.
  • Enter on your registered number the user ID and password got.

Step 3 – Changing the code (A Mandatory Step) 

  • You should obtain an OTP on your registered mobile number once you have signed in successfully.
  • Test the OTP.
  • Changing the login section will be led to you.
  • Adjust and start the code.

Step 4 – Join the Dashboard & Complete the Request 

  • You will be led to the Applicant’s Dashboard Page once the code has been updated.
  • To start the application, click on ‘Application Form.’
  • Include all aspects of enrollment, school information, and basic details.
  • Click the ‘Save & Start’ button.
  • Attach contact details, and details of the scheme and upload the required documents.
  • Tap on the ‘Save as Draft’ button (to check whether correct information has been entered)
  • Tap on the ‘Full Upload’ button until verified.

Note: It is not necessary to re-edit the requested documents. Therefore, candidates are instructed to be double-secure before clicking on the final submission as there will be no adjustment of data after the final submission.

Scholarship Form Applying Online Through SJE

SJE Scholarship is the website for state-level scholarships for Rajasthan State home graduates. It helps you to qualify for grants from the Ministry for Social Justice and Empowerment of the State Government. The scholarships on the SJE portal apply to students belonging to the categories SC, ST, EBC, OBC, DNT, and SBC. When you fulfill these scholarships eligibility criteria, you will apply for them electronically by following the measures mentioned below

Step 1: Registering with SJE Check the official website.

  • Tap on “New Application for Scholarships.”
  • Select the “Register/Sign-up” key.
  • You are guided to the Single Sign-On site of Rajasthan.
  • Tap on the heading “Citizen.”
  • To begin the registration, pick any of the choices–Bhamashah, Aadhaar, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.
  • Continue to log in with your chosen choice.
  • Building and updating the SSOID and username.

Step 2: Connect to your SJE account

  • Check Rajasthan Single Sign-On’s sign-in section.
  • Sign in with your SSOID and username (digital identity).

Step 3: Apply for the scholarship 

  • Once you have signed in, you need to review your profile by filling in all the details you need.
  • You will be led to the app dashboard with various digital choices for you when you upgrade your data.
  • To access the request for a scholarship, choose the “Scholarships” option.
  • A dialog box will appear asking “How do you want to register?” Tap on the Grad tab and continue to register for a scholarship.
  • Perform all the information required and submit the supporting documents.
  • Ultimately, apply the application.


  1. Please verify that you entered the correct information in the document before sending it in compliance with the best practices.
  2. Make sure the Bhamashah ID is checked to qualify for the scholarship. Otherwise, it won’t open the scholarship form.

Scholarship Form Applying Online Through UP Portal

Just as India’s government runs its online scholarship portal to implement and disburse various scholarship schemes, Uttar Pradesh’s government also has a separate portal for its state-funded scholarships. UP Government’s electronic scholarship and tuition repayment program recognizes requests for different scholarships from UP State students. Which moves to apply for UP Scholarship are to be followed? The answer to this question is covered in the step-by-step reference below.

Step 1: New enrollment for students 

  • Use the electronic scholarship and payment refund scheme of the UP State.
  • Click on the section “Student” and choose “New Registration.”
  • Choose the scholarship you want to apply for.
  • Fill all required details labeled with an *.
  • To register, click “Submit.”
  • For future references, delete the print from the identification sheet.

Step 2: Student Login 

  • When enrolled, click on the tab “Student” and pick the option “New Login” for new applications and the option “Renewal Login” for renewal applications as per the scholarship you are applying for.
  • Use your registration number, birth date and username to sign in.
  • You will be sent to a site with essential directions for filling out the form.
  • Carefully read all the directions and check the box at the end of the page and click “Continue.”

Step 3: Completing the request for a scholarship 

  • Once you press the “Start” button, you will be led to the dashboard of the client.
  • Tap on the section called “Fill in the application form.”
  • Fill out further information in the application form for a scholarship.
  • Click the submit button.

Step 4: Download all supporting documentation 

You need to download your image and other supporting documents once you click on send after filling out the scholarship application.

Step 5: Final online submission 

Before heading to make the final submission of the application form, applicants are advised to pass through all information carefully filled out to avoid any discrepancies afterward. There is also no option to make changes to the details filled out by the user once the application form is fully sent.

Step 6: Form submission to the respective educational institution 

Following the final submission of the scholarship form, applicants are required to remove the print from the form and submit it to their respective educational institutions along with other supporting documents.

Scholarship Form Applying Online Through OASIS Portal

Similarly, West Bengal’s government also operates its own digital scholarship platform for West Bengal state home graduates. The portal includes the scholarships available to SC, ST and OBC students, thus creating a one-stop platform for eligible students to apply. How to apply through OASIS Scholarship? What is in the form of an OASIS scholarship? These questions can haunt many of the candidates who are eligible. The response is given below.

Step 1: Oasis Scholarship Registration 

  • Visit the official website.
  • Tap “Registration of Students” in the corner of the students.
  • Choose the board you are focused on.
  • A page will appear to verify the caste certificate. Complete the details and click the submit button.

You will be directed to the online registration page once the caste certificate is verified. Now, fill in all the required fields and click the submit button.

Step 2: Oasis Account to complete Request 

  • You can access your permanent user-id/domain number and password via the “Access username information/recognition slip” button after you have successfully authenticated.
  • Use your account number/user I d and username to press on the “Login Now” button.
  • Upon signing in, you will carefully click on’ Save and Continue’ to fill in your details and bank information.

Step 3: Check and Secure Oasis Request 

Once all of the data has been filled out in the application form. To encrypt all the data filled in, you should press the “Verify and Encrypt” button. Note: You can not make any further adjustments after you have locked the data filled in. So make sure that in the application form you input the correct information.

Step 4: Print the application 

After the application form has been successfully locked, click on the button “Download Application Form” to obtain the computer-generated copy of the application form filled in.

Step 5: Send the printed request 

Apply to your BDO (Block Development Officer) for Block Area or PO cum DWO for Municipal Corporation the printed copy of the duly-filled scholarship form along with copies of all supporting documents.

State Wise Scholarships

State Scholarship Portals Click Below for the scholarship forms
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FAQ’s on Scholarship Form 2022

Question 1.
What should be the file form and length to upload?

The file format will be.pdf and.jpeg and not surpass 200 kb in size for each text.

Question 2.
What fields are required in the application form?

A red asterisk (*) labeled fields are required areas.

Question 3.
Who can apply for scholarship schemes based on Pre-Matric, Post Matric, and Meritcum Means?

Students from six informed minority communities. Islam, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, and Parsi (Zoroastrian) studying only in India and observing the rules of the Program are eligible to apply for such scholarships.