Scholarships for Students

Scholarships for Students 2022-2023: Details of scholarships for students 2021-2022 are available here. Students who are eligible and willing to continue their studies could check with the scholarship registrations here. Scholarships help students to get further education without any financial restrictions. There are many scholarships available in India. Some are provided by individual states, some scholarships are based on different categories.

Few scholarships are available only for girl students. Scholarships for students after 10 and 12 classes are also available. Here in this article, we will be discussing all types of scholarships provided for students along with scholarship under Karnataka state, popular and best scholarships in India.

There are scholarships available for classes 1 to 10 students, such as pre-matric and post-matric scholarships for SC, ST, OBC and General category students. Let us discuss all types of scholarships in this article.

State Wise Scholarships 2022

A state-wise scholarship is a widespread category of scholarships that contains the list of scholarships proposed by different state governments and other private organizations for the particular states. candidate can get candidate state-specific scholarship below, with respect to the class, caste or gender to which the candidate belongs. Given hereunder is a collection of all related information about scholarships of various Indian states and UT’s. Depending on the belonging state, the candidate can see for scholarships to finance candidate further education.

Go Through the list of Scholarships are as follows:

Category Wise Scholarships 2022

The category wise or SC, ST, OBC Scholarships is governed by the Government of India and the state governments to support students continue their studies at other levels. The centrally funded scholarships are organised by the Government of India and distributed by different states while the state-funded scholarships are organised and disbursed by particular state governments only. An SC, ST, OBC Scholarship offers proper financial support to SC/ST/OBC candidates at both pre-matric and post-matric levels of education.

In this section, we will compile all the important scholarships for SC/ST/OBC categories. Also, we have categorised scholarships for Class 10 and 12 students. This includes a flash of eligibility requirements, types of awards, application procedure and selection method and other conditions. This article will provide the candidate beforehand about each category scholarship.

Scholarships After Class 12

Students who have passed their 12th class and want to develop their future in the path chosen career. For them here are the list of scholarships, who are unable to support their education financially due to financial crisis at their family or low income. After class 12th it is a turning point for each student since they must have set some goals for their upcoming life. Here are the scholarships for students after 12th that can financially benefit them in pursuing their dream career.

Towards supporting meritorious and destitute students in persevering their additional studies, the Government of India and the management of different states administer different scholarships after 12th class. While the Centre and state government administer their own scholarship projects separately. They collectively run many scholarship plans where the scheme is supported by the central government and distributed by the state government. Here is a collection of all the government-funded scholarships that you must not avoid.

Scholarships After Class 10

Education sets the base for a thriving career. Nevertheless, with the growing expense of education in India, several Indian students find it hard to resume their studies after qualifying the Class 10 Board Exam. It doesn’t matter how hard-working or worthy they are; students are often forced to surrender their dream, due to the lack of financial support needed to proceed with their higher studies.

Both the Government and private organizations have presented some scholarship plans to help these students. The scholarships are presented based on the scores achieved at Class 10 Board exams. There are few scholarships schemes which conduct their entrance exam to select the applicants who justify this scholarship apart from being merit further who are really in need of them.

Scholarship for Girls 2022

Scholarships for girls in India are intended to promote better education and career possibilities for girls who are still to match their boy equivalents on various socio-economic parameters. However, if given a chance, women don’t limp behind men either in the professional field or academics. Here appears the purpose of women-specific scholarships that prompts them to counter their monetary constraints and seek academic and career breaks. Of late, many government and private organizations in various fields like science and research, management, aviation, hospitality and defense have been granting women scholarships and awards towards encouraging half of the community to take educational opportunities.

Scholarships Under Karnataka State

The government of Karnataka and several other private organizations give a number of scholarship plans specifically for the pupils who are a resident of the state. This section provides a detailed report on top Karnataka scholarships to support the considered students’ defeat financial restrictions towards proceeding their dream educational career. Identified as the educational center of the country, Karnataka is a shelter to around 54,529 primary schools with 252,875 teachers and 8.495 million students.

Moreover, there are 9,499 secondary schools with 92,287 teachers with 1.384 million students. Analyzing this huge student base, the government of Karnataka, its subsidiary offices and many private organizations administer scholarships for Karnataka students.

Scholarships Under West Bengal State

West Bengal Scholarships are intended for students who are a resident of the state at both school and college level. Administered by the government of West Bengal and its subsidiary boards, the scholarships for West Bengal point at supporting worthy, deserving and impoverished students of the state.

Moreover, the state also possesses various alleged institutions of higher education like; Indian Institute of Management (Kolkata), National Institute of Technology (Durgapur), Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur), Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (Kolkata) which makes the learning easier and hassle-free for students of West Bengal.

Scholarships Under Kerala State

With the maximum number of literacy rates, Kerala stands first in India, pondering the point of how much learning is essential for people of the state. Kerala has its culture and beliefs. Besides all these, Kerala is the various sought-after tourist destination with its peaceful beaches, hill stations, bird, backwaters and wildlife sanctuaries, etc.

Kerala has made many significant accomplishments in the department of social development and the standard of life. The priority for the state is continuously literacy and that is why the state has set up many schools and other educational institutions. Kerala’s city named Kottayam was the primary district to achieve full literacy rate in India. It is where the Directorate of Collegiate Education Kerala is located. The organization here functions out the Government of Kerala Scholarships for helping students to achieve quality education.

Scholarships for Pursuing Students

Undergraduate scholarships are meant to promote the education of pupils at the undergraduate level. The students, after passing class 12, look up for undergraduate programs in different streams like Engineering, Medical, Architecture, Arts/Humanities, Science, Commerce, etc. To support the education of these learners at the undergraduate level, many organizations and institutions award undergraduate scholarships. These scholarships give monetary liberty to those students, who face economic limitations in seeking their dream education.

Scholarships Under Minority and Backward Community

The Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of Minorities was announced in June 2006. It provides that a post-matric scholarship scheme for meritorious students from minority communities would be implemented. The objective of the scheme is to award scholarships to meritorious students belonging to economically weaker sections of minority community so as to provide them better opportunities for higher education, increase their rate of attainment in higher education and enhance their employability.

Education Loans in India

Fellowships in India

Other Scholarships in India

Scholarships, in India, are the root for the students to make the best career. Since India is a developing nation, many of the people are under the poverty level. In India, both the government and private institutions help the aspirants in presenting the scholarships to strike their goals. The financial support is given to the applicant in the form of scholarship at a distinct level of education such as Graduate, Postgraduate, doctorate or post-doctorate degree through which economically behind applicant can make there believed career.

The scholarship is not only the origin to render financial assistance to the pupils but also act has information about literacy among different people. Since the charge for higher studies, day by day is growing, rather than being a bright candidate, it’s not likely for some students to go for higher education. Here the scholarships act as a means for them to proceed to higher studies. Indian awards are meant for personal development. Nevertheless, through which overall growth of the country is reached.

Best Scholarships in India

A lot of intelligent students often miss achieving their dream for higher education with the expense of education having grown quite an expensive affair. The requirement for scholarships is compelling and important for our students more than ever since. There are several public and private organizations that support capable students in charge of monetary assistance. Here is the list of best scholarships available for students in India to fulfill their dream education opportunities.

  • NTSE – National Talent Search Examination
  • KVPY – Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana 2022
  • NSP – National Scholarship Portal
  • NATS – National Accounting Talent Search
  • E-District Scholarship

FAQs for Scholarships for Students 2022

  1. Where can I find state-wise Scholarships for students in India?

Students who are pursuing their education can get various scholarships offered by the Indian government or private institutions in India. Students can find complete information on the state-wise scholarships 2022 in India from this page.

  1. What are the best scholarships in India?

There are numerous scholarships available in India offered by the government or other institutions/companies for students. In plenty of scholarships, we have collected a few best scholarships in India and mentioned below for the sake of students who are financially weak. 

  • e-Kalyan Scholarship
  • Google Scholarship
  • Haryana Scholarship
  • Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme
  • Aditya Birla Scholarship
  • BEML Scholarships For SC ST Students

If you need to know more about the best scholarships in India for students, then visit our site or click on the links available on this page.

  1. How to find Scholarships After Class 10 & 12 in India?

To obtain the scholarships after class 10 and 12, students have to score merit marks in the final examination. For those students who are economically weak and having merit marks can enjoy the various scholarships in India. Both the Government and private organizations have presented some scholarship plans to help these students for their higher education. Students can find scholarship information by tracking the education sites and official portals of the organization.

  1. What can I do to apply for college scholarships?
  • Students should discover the scholarships at the institutions you want to apply to.
  • Then go through the details & eligibility for scholarships that you are applying for.
  • Find the application form for a particular scholarship, then fill it.
  • Keep track of its application timeline so as to avoid any last-minute rush.
  1. What documents are required for a scholarship form?

The required documents may vary from one scholarship to another as per the organization guidelines. So, we have given some of the common documents that students should keep handy when applying for scholarships. They are as under

  • Caste/Category certificate (if applicable)
  • Income certificate
  • Domicile certificate (if applying for a state-specific scholarship)
  • Academic transcripts and certificates of previous qualifying examinations
  • Photograph of the applicant
  • Identity proof
  • Aadhaar card
  • Age proof (if required)