Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 English Set 1

Download Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 English Set 1 2019 PDF to understand the pattern of questions asks in the board exam. Know about the important topics and questions to be prepared for CBSE Class 9 English board exam and Score More marks. Here we have given English Sample Paper for Class 9 Solved Set 1.

Board – Central Board of Secondary Education,
Subject – CBSE Class 9 English
Year of Examination – 2019.

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Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 English Set 1

General Instructions

  • The Question paper is divided into three sections:
    Section A – Reading 20 marks
    Section B – Writing and Grammar 30 marks
    Section C – Literature Textbooks and Extended Reading Text 30 marks
  • AU questions are compulsory.
  •  Marks are indicated against each question.


Question 1:
Read the passage given below and answer the questions/complete the statements that follow:
Chocolate diamonds are actually brown diamonds and compared to the well- known white diamond they aren’t much worth. Diamonds are produced in mines. The best known diamond mines are in Australia, South Africa and Russia. The largest diamond mine was discovered in 1976 in the desert of Australia near a little creek named Lake Argyle. Diamonds are created under very extreme conditions of pressure and high temperature. It is a general misunderstanding that there exist only white colourless diamonds. Actually, diamonds exist in many different colours.
Of all the diamond mines in the world, almost 80% of all diamonds produced are brownish in colour. Because they were found in such large quantities compared to the other coloured diamonds, they were considered as low-valued diamonds, only good for the industrial sector. But, a famous man called Le Vian came with a marketing campaign to increase the popularity of the chocolate diamond. Instead of calling it a brown diamond, he gave it popular names like caramel, chocolate, cinnamon and cognac. Since his marketing campaign, chocolate diamonds are becoming very popular.

The value of a diamond is based on its shape, brightness and colour. Because white diamonds are rare, their value is based on the fact that there are not many white diamonds around. But if you look at the shape and brightness, then the brightest diamond in this world known to men is a brown diamond. Before the development of the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia in 1986, most brown diamonds were considered, worthless for jewellery; they were not even assessed on the diamond colour scale, and were predominantly used for industrial purposes.

However, marketing strategies changed in the 1980s and brown diamonds have become popular gems. The change was mostly due to the supply: the Argyle mine, with its 35 million carats (7,000 kg) of diamonds per year, makes about one third of global production of natural diamonds; 80% of Argyle diamonds are brown. The percentage of brown diamonds is lower in other mines, but it is almost always a significant part of the total production. Consequently, scientific research on causes of brown colour in diamond and ways to alter it has intensified.
(a) The wrong notion about diamonds is that _______.
(b) Brown diamonds were considered low in value because _______ .
(c) Brown diamonds became popular owing to _______ .
(d) The value of a diamond is based on its _______ .
(e) Why are the white diamonds rare?
(f) Name the popular names given to brown diamonds by Le Vian.
(g) Based on shape and brightness, which is the brightest diamond known to the mankind?
(h) Find the word from the passage that means ’a planned set of actions aimed at achieving a particular result’. (Para 2)
(a) that there exists only white colourless diamonds
(b) they were found in such large quantity compared to the other coloured diamonds
(c) the marketing campaigns of Le Vian
(d) shape, brightness and colour
(e) There are not many white diamonds around
(f) Caramel, chocolate, cinnamon and cognac
(g) brown diamond
(h) campaign

Question 2:
Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:
Su means number and Doku means single. The game of Sudoku has many similarities with the game of life. Sudoku is a puzzle game designed for a single player, much like a crossword puzzle. The puzzle itself is nothing more than a grid of little boxes called “cells”. They are stacked nine high and nine wide, making 81 cells total.

The roots of the Sudoku puzzle are in the Switzerland. Leonhard Euler created “carre latin” in the 18th century which is similar to a Sudoku puzzle. The first real Sudoku was published in 1979 and was invented by Howard Gams, an American architect. The real world wide popularity started in Japan in 1986 after it was published and given the name Sudoku by Nikoli.

In life, too, you start with a given set of notions and then work from there on. In Sudoku, you need to follow a set of rules to build up the grid, filling each row, column and box with numbers ranging from one to nine, so much like in life where you have to go on your way without hurting anyone else. Respect every number (person), and things would be fine.

While playing, you never think of the end (the result); you just keep working on the numbers and the final result (fruits of action) comes on its own. Extremely difficult puzzles may take hours. Similarly, to achieve desired results in life may take years. The game of Sudoku and the game of life are best played in calm but in a focused state.

Everything has to go together in a Sudoku grid: the rows, columns and squares. Exactly as in life. Your duties towards your family, teachers, society and country all go on simultaneously. In Sudoku, the arrangement of the given numbers is symmetrical. This is instructive in life, on how to maintain steadfast faith, poise and equanimity despite situations when everything turns topsy- turvy.

There is a subtle difference between the two as well. Make a mistake and you can erase it and begin all over again in Sudoku. Not so in life. You can learn a lesson through it, and avoid making the same mistake in future.
(a) What is Sudoku?
(b) How has the writer compared the numbers in Sudoku to life?
(c) What is the similarity between Sudoku and Life?
(d) How do we achieve the desired result?
(e) What is meant by ’instructive ’? (Para 4)
(f) What is meant by ’equanimity’? (Para 4)
(g) Find the word opposite in meaning to ’obvious ’. (Para 5)
(h) Find the word opposite in meaning to ’ruffled ’. (Para 3)
(a) Sudoku is a puzzle game designed for a single player, much like a crossword puzzle. The puzzle is a grid of little boxes called “cells.”

(b) The writer compares the numbers in Sudoku to life by citing similarities between the game’s rules and real life situations.

(c) Similarities between Sudoku and Life: Your duties towards your family, teachers, society and country all go on simultaneously just as the arrangement of the given numbers. This is instructive in life, on how to maintain steadfast faith, poise and equanimity despite odd situations.

(d) You never think of the end (the result); you just keep working on the numbers and the final result (fruits of action) accrues on its own.
(e) informative/educational
(f) composure/self-control
(g) subtle
(h) calm


Question 3:
You feel that speaking in English is the need of the hour. As your parents are unable to do so, you feel a keen desire to teach them. Write in about 100-120 words a page in your diary expressing how you will execute your plan.
Content – 5; Fluency -1; Accuracy-2
Up to one mark may be deducted for spelling, punctuation, grammatical errors.
Detailed Answer:
Dec 15,20XX
Monday 10:30 pm
Dear Diary,
These days, speaking in English has become the need of the hour. Nobody can deny this fact. Even my parents also agree with it. But they are unable to do so. Though it is not their fault or any weakness for which they should feel shy in the modern world, yet I have a keen desire to teach them to speak in English. This language is a link language with the outer world as it is an international language-a handy means of communication with the people around the world. I shall help them in this so that they will feel more confident. First, I’ll give them lesson in writing, then shall proceed to introductory dialogue speaking and will gradually move to small speeches on the topics of their interest. I am sure my genius parents will be, at the earliest, able to talk and express in English independently.
Good Night

Question 4:
Develop a story in about 200-250 words with the following beginning. Also give a suitable title.
An old couple was living in Shobit’s adjacent flat. One day, he saw some commotion in their house. He went there and found.


An old couple was living in Shobit’s adjacent flat. One day he saw some commotion in He went there and found that there were some masked people who were threatening the old couple and the old couple was trying to escape from their grip. These were the robbers who wanted to rob the old couple as there was no one to help them.

Meanwhile; there was a sound of Hooter and people saw three cars coming towards their House. Now, the robbers tried to free themselves but they were in the control of the couple. People were surprised how the old couple could be able to handle the young robbers. By now police had also reached the spot and arrested all the robbers. People were paying their respect to the police but all of a sudden, there was a sound of ’Cut’. The people were surprised as all the people including the old couple, robbers and police were laughing. Shobit was quite amazed to know that all this was the shooting for a TV serial. Now all the people came to know that the old man was the Director of TV Films. He had spent a major part of his life in film direction. Shobit took a sigh of relief and decided to approach the old man to introduce him on the silver screen.

Question 5:
Read the passage given below and fill in the blanks by choosing the most appropriate word from the given options:
When India got Independence from the British, most things associated with
(a)…………… British were done away with, but some of (b)……………. pretty letter¬boxes managed to survive. These letter-boxes have (c)………. nostalgic aura about them. Some are over 150 years old. Now they all bear the logo of the Indian Postal Services.
(a) (i) and      (ii) an            (iii) a                 (iv) the
(b) (i) an        (ii) the           (iii) but            (iv) an
(c) (i) a           (ii) an            (iii) the             (iv) nor
(a) (i) the
(b) (ii) the
(c) (iv) a

Question 6:
In the following passage one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it.
Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 English Paper 1 6
Before                     Missing               After
(a) Festivals              and                   gifting
(b) fun                         to                       be
(c) others                     is                   equally
(d) when                      the                    gifts

Question 7:
Rearrange the following words or phrases into meaningful sentences:
e.g.: bravery/greatness/on one’s/depends.
Greatness depends on one’s bravery.
(a) is a / whoever / great soul / is / man / brave / of
(b) end of / is to / the / life / true / never / know / ends / that / life.
(c) the fear itself / life / the / we / to fear / only / have / thing / is
(a) Whoever is brave is a man of great soul.
(b) The true end of life is to know that life never ends.
(c) The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.


Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
Question 8:
It was a very old book. Margie’s grandfather once said that when he was a little boy, his grandfather told him that there was a time when all stories were printed on paper. They turned the pages, which were yellow and crinkly, and it was awfully funny to read words that stood still instead of moving the way they were supposed to-on a screen.
(i) Why were the pages of the book yellow?
(ii) Did Margie see the book for the first time?
(iii) What did Margie’s grand father tell him?
(iv) Trace a word from the passage that means ’with many folds or lines’.


Two roads diverged in yellow wood.
And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveller, long I stood And looked down once as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth;
(i) At which point had the poet reached?
(ii) Why was the traveller feeling sorry?
(iii) Where did the one road lead to?
(iv) Give the opposite to ’met at a point’ from the passage? Answer:
(i) The pages of the book were yellow because the book was quite old.
(ii) Yes, Margie saw the book for the first time.
(iii) Margie’s grand father told him that when he was a little boy, his grand father told him that there was a time when all stories were printed on paper.
(iv) Crinkly.


(i) The poet is standing at a point where two roads diverged in the yellow wood.
(ii) The poet is feeling sorry because he could not travel on both the roads.
(iii) The one led to the dense forest full of plants and animals.
(iv) ’Diverged’.

Question 9:
Answer the following questions is about 30-40 words each:
(a) How does the poet’s beloved become an inseparable part of nature?
(b) What is the belief of the people at Pashupatinath temple?
(c) Why does Sue rush down to meet Mr. Behrman?
(d) Why couldn’t Lushkoff go to Kaluga?
(a) Value Points:
Her death made her an integral part of nature rolled round in earth’s c ourse with rocks, stones and trees.
Detailed Answer:
The poet mention that there is no motion in the body of his beloved as death has overcome her. All her senses are dead now. As the earth completes its routine of day and night with the rocks, stones and trees, so does the beloved of the poet now. She has become a part of nature now.
(b) Value Points:
When a small shrine emerges fully on Bagwati river, the goddess inside will escape, and the evil period of the Kalyug will end on the earth.
Detailed Answer:
It is the belief of the people at Pashupatinath temple that when a small shrine emerges fully on the river Bagwati, the goddess inside will escape and the evil period of the Kalyug will end on the earth.
(c) Value Points:

  • to pour out her worries
  • how Johnsy was convinced that she would die when the last leaf falls

Detailed Answer:
Sue rushes down to meet Mr. Behrman, an old painter to pour out her worries regarding Johnsy. She told him about Johnsy’s strange fancy how she was convinced that she would die when the last leaf falls. ’
(d) Value Points:

  • had no money
  • felt ashamed of asking
  • forced to do so, due to adverse circumstances.

Detailed Answer:
Lushkoff could not go to Kaluga because he had no money for the journey. He was ashamed of asking but due to adverse circumstances, he was forced to do so.

Question 10:
Answer any one of the following questions in about 100-120 words.
In spite of all comforts and luxuries in today’s world, our grandparents still cherish their own time when life was quite tough. Give your own views regarding this in 100¬120 words.


What do the two roads symbolize in the passage 1 ? What is the significance of choosing a road?
Our grand parents lived during the years of 1950s to 1970s. At that time life was very simple yet tough. They had time to explore the surroundings and the world. They had parks to play with less of pollution around them. Mechanical gadgets were there, but were used only for necessary activities. There were rivers where they could go for picnics and treks, without the fear of being getting any allergy. The school was more of a fun place where they met their friends. They studied but were not competing against each other. For them togetherness was important rather than competition. In today’s world we are competing against our friends. We have all the facilities of life but we do not have time for our family and friends. We like to play but on computers and play station rather than with our sibilings and friends.


The two roads that the poet-traveller faces in his walk or journey are symbolic of the choices that we have to encounter in our life. The journey or a simple walk itself is a metaphor for the great journey of life. Whether one should adopt the way of spiritualism or materialism. In the poem the poet, after prolonged thought, decides to take the road less travelled, road which is the road of spiritualism accepting its challenges and uncertainties. The decision is final and irreversible and it has its own consequences, may be positive or negative. In real life also we confront such critical situations where we face life-altering options. The decision we make is crucial. We should contemplate over the choices before and then decide our priorities. Once, We make the decision and proceed accordingly, we can never reverse it. The life takes its own course, and it does not give a second chance to alter our decision and change our course of life. Hence, decide wisely.

Question 11:
Answer any one of the following questions in about 150-200 words:
What is the great service performed by Gulliver to the Emperor of Lilliput and what is his reward?


Write a character-sketch of the Queen of Brobdingnag.


What was Harris’ opinion about George?


What reminds the author of Uncle Podger? How does Uncle Podger work when he undertook to do a job like hanging a picture?
Value Points:

  • Service which is rendered by Gulliver—attacking the military army of Blefuscu.
  • Gulliver seizes the fleet of ship and ties together with cables and pulls to the royal parts of Lilliput.
  • Emperor of Lilliput—happy in the victory—tells Gulliver to make Blefuscudians his slaves.
  • Gulliver tells that they (Blefuscudians) have to be equal to them (Lilliputians) and requests the two empires to sign the peace treaty.
  • Gulliver’s reward is the acceptance of Gulliver’s ideas by the Emperor though the Emperor is not completely satisfied.

Detailed Answer:
The emperor of Lilliput became a good friend of Gulliver and he told him about the Blefuscan attack on Lilliput. His secretary sought Gullivers help to which Gulliver agreed. He devised a plan | and ordered fifty metal hooks. Then he fastened them to a piece of strong rope. Carrying the rope and the hooks he swam to Blefuscu. The Blefuscans got frightened of him and jumped out of their ships to swim to the beach. Gulliver used one hook for each ship and tied all the ropes together. The Blefuscans army shot arrows at him to scare him away but of no use. Of course, the arrows hurt him and caused him pain also but, they did not deter his spirit and he kept on doing his work. He captured the enemy fleet and started walking through the waves, pulling all the enemy’s warships behind him. The enemies made terrible cries but Gulliver kept on pulling the warships and reached Lilliput safely.


Value Points:

  • pleasant and powerful
  • buys Gulliver for 1,000 pieces of gold
  • appointed nurse to take Gulliver’s care
  • punishes the Dwarf insulting Gulliver
  • loves going to places
  • good home maker

Detailed Answer:
The queen of Brobdingnag is very generous to Gulliver. Gulliver was also delighted in her company. The queen feels pleasure with the beauty and smartness of Gulliver.
This was the reason why she buys him for 1000 pieces of gold from the farmer.
Gulliver speaks very high about her and appreciates her kindness as he has experienced uncountable hardships .and difficulties at the farmer’s house who used to show him in public for money when he is presented before the queen, he shows his usual fawning love for royalty by kissing the tip of her little finger. Gulliver has no limit of words to praise her and calls her full of ’infinite’ wit and humour. Though it seems to be a flattery on Gulliver’s part. The queen in considerate and asks him to live at court. She does not consider him to be simply a pet. She is a powerful person but of a pleasant personality.


Harris felt George never came and helped his friends. He never took a day’s holiday and joined his friends. He did not do any work in the bank and pretended to do something sitting behind a bit of glass. Harris felt George was a very lazy person, who never wanted to work but would always boss around. Harris always got angry at George whenever he objected to his work. He always spoke ill about George in his absence. He said that whenever he didn’t get his way, he got upset. Harris felt even 24 hours of sleep be it summer or winter, was not enough for George because whenever he got a chance to sleep he would just snore off. George was very clever in taking advantage of others.


Harris’ method of doing work reminds the author of Uncle Podger. There was a picture standing in the dining-room, waiting to be put up. He reassured everyone that he would do it. Then he sent the
girl out for six pence worth of nails, and then one of the boys after her to tell her what size to get. He sends other members of the family to bring a hammer, ladder, chair, lamp, ruler, pencil, etc. He again sent the girl for a bit of picture-cord. He finally lifted the picture and dropped it. In an attempt to save the picture he cut himself. Then he sat on his coat and made the family members find the coat to get his handkerchief. When he was at work the others would stand round in a semi-circle, ready to help. While trying to hang it he lost the nail and the hammer also. Then he lost sight of the mark that he had made on the wall for the nail. Trying to put the nail he smashed his thumb, and dropped the hammer, with a yell, on somebody’s toes. Finally, he made a new hole and about midnight the picture was up but still a little crooked.

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